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Zeniicrypto is a social media applicable platform which can speedy and intelligibly assist you in keep up to date with the cryptocurrency market as well as the blockchain community. Furthermore, Zeniicrypto is platform where blockchain companies, developers, crypto traders, and everyone who in the cryptocurrency line of work can be linked together to exchange information and engage to create a blockchain ecosystem. Through this platform, we can acknowledge the potential market, what is the current hottest related news, and how your preferred cryptocurrency perform on the market.

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  • Help to quickly find exceptional partners in blockchain field
  • Help to overcome obstacles relate to blockchain

Vietnam Blockchain Hub

Zeniicryto is the official application of VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN HUB

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The 2018 VIETNAM BLOCKCHAINHUB will be the most prominent global blockchain event ever in Vietnam and will be organized by a total of seven pioneer companies in blockchain technology. Besides that, this event also has the presence of LATOKEN- one of the world-class blockchain event providers who is famous with the BEF series, one in Singapore (2500 participants) and one in America (1000 participants). Our partners are exceptional leaders of some of the greatest blockchain/cryptocurrency communities in Vietnam with 60,000 plus members in every community.

Through this event, we want to share our real experiences, moreover, reliable knowledge with those who are fascinated by blockchain.Within this event, we will also introduce Hackathon- a coding competition which is sponsored by Google Developers Group, an organization with more than 20,000 exceptional programmers under its roof.

The 2018 VIETNAM BLOCKCHAINHUB will be held on the 24 th and 25 th of September 2018 at River Place, Ho Chi Minh city.

Visit: www.blockchainhub.vn